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Black Studies is a hugely important, and yet undervalued, academic field of enquiry that is marked by its disciplinary absence and omission from academic curricula in Britain. There is a long and rich history of research on Blackness and Black populations in Britain. However Blackness in Britain has too often been framed through the lens of racialised deficits, constructed as both marginal and pathological.

The Corbyn Effect is the first serious attempt to understand this exciting new phenomenon in British politics. In specially-commissioned essays, writers, academics and activists from across political generations explore the meaning, limitations and potential of Corbynism. How has Corbyn changed the Labour Party? Is his support inside and outside the party likely to last?  What can we expect a Corbyn government to achieve?

By now, everyone interested in contemporary Hip Hop culture and Rap music has seen the "dress" that Young Thug wears on the cover of his new self-titled album Jeffery.
 To see a man in a dress, especially in rap and hip-hop culture is a rare sight. As a genre of music, rap and hip-hop culture leave little room for eccentric or quirky expression. It also leaves little room for sexual ambiguity.

It became clear on June 9 that Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election was ill judged. This election has highlighted the disregard for the “many” that government should serve, and after an election in which the youth turnout was around 72% of those aged 18-24, the impact of the youth in Labour’s surge of popularity is obvious.Of particular note is the role of a series of influential grime

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