About Me

Welcome to my website.


I am a Cultural Sociologist, Theorist and Methodologist. I developed a research method to analyse and understand music for the social science and cultural studies fields. I completed my PhD at Warwick University focusing on ‘race’, spirituality, class, gender & music as it relates to #Grime. #HBTG?

My thesis is entitled:

‘Hallowed be thy Grime? : A musicological and sociological genealogy of Grime music and its relation to black Atlantic religious discourse.’ (#HBTG?)

It combined my interests in music, spirituality, sociology and the African Diaspora (i.e. Black people in Europe and North America). My research interests include popular culture, music/musicology, sound studies, embodiment, spirituality, cultural studies, class, gender and race. My approach to sociology is shaped by my academic training in political science (when approaching policy, legislation, art or cultural production), cultural studies and psychology (when approaching the psychological and cultural impacts of race). I primarily explore the lives, experiences and cultural productions of the African Diaspora generally and Britain specifically.


Having grown up in a sporting family, I am a firm believer in flexing muscles physically as well as mentally. I work out multiple times each week. Over the years this has included going to the gym, having personal training sessions, Soca aerobics, circuit training, boxercise and boxing. I enjoy seeing and feeling the rewards of my fitness i.e., increased stamina, endurance and strength. Health is important to me. I am the only person who will be with me all the time – I must take care of myself.


I always try to maintain a positive mindset to see the beauty in life. I am ‘big’ on personal development and investing in oneself. I ensure I surround myself with those who help me maintain high standards. I desire to inspire and motivate others to achieve their pursuits. I feel it is important to be impactful and contribute towards shaping the world we live in for good.

I enjoy creative pursuits, both practical and intellectual; to me, there is real beauty in the process. I enjoy the abstract and formulating ideas of intellectual creativity that can shape the world around us. I have always enjoyed music and singing as another way to express creativity. I have grades 7 and 8 in vocals skills (Trinity Music), Vocal skills in Urban Arts (PointBlank), Vocal Artist (Access2Music) and have received vocal training at Vivace Music School and sight singing training at Morley College & CityLit. I enjoy articulating Black cultural experiences and applying music and sound for healing and therapeutic purposes. I am a Sound Therapist, I specialise in tuning forks.


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